Sonntag, 28. Juli 2013

How to re-root your devices after Android 4.3 OTA

Yay, so you finally got your hands on the just released Android 4.3 on-the-air (OTA) update? Great! But wait ...after upgrading your lovely root permissions are gone and even Super-SU does not work anymore?

This happened to me as well on my beloved Nexus 4, so to quickly remember how to gain root after such an update, do the following:

  1. Make sure you got the latest Android SDK (namely, adb + fastboot) installed 
  2. If wanted: Get the latest ClockworkMod (CWM) recovery for flashing here
  3. Download the latest SuperSU flashable .zip from here
  4. Place the SuperSU flashable .zip onto your device's SD-card / -partition
  5. Connect your device via USB cable to your PC
  6. Do a adb devices to check if your device is being recognized
  7. Do a adb reboot bootloader to reboot your device into the bootloader
  8. Now, do a fastboot flash recovery <path to the CWM recovery .img file> to flash the latest CWM recovery to your device
  9. Time to reboot the device into CWM by choosing "Recovery" directly on the device's bootloader screen (via the volume +/- buttons, power button to confirm)
  10. CWM now should boot up. Here you now have to select the SuperSU .zip downloaded and up on the SD-card / -partition from step 4 and flash it.
And finally: Reboot the device and enjoy having root access again!