Samstag, 11. Mai 2013

"I Contribute to the Windows Kernel. We Are Slower Than Other Operating Systems. Here Is Why."

Just found a very nice post over at HackerNews which apparently is from an engineer working at Microsoft, comparing the innovation speed of Linux and MS kernels. A must-read for techies:

Freitag, 10. Mai 2013

Tiny Tiny RSS and Synology NASes

Today I spent a bit of time to evaluate Tiny Tiny RSS, an Open-Source and web-based RSS client with API support and much, much more.

I simply wasn't too happy with my last Feedly experiments, namely: No plugins, no filtering / tagging / scoring support and, well, it's closed-source. So I decided to give Tiny Tiny RSS a try. Why? Maybe you've heard about Google Reader closing soon.

Luckily, Syno Community is offering a (beta) package for Synology NASes, like for my DS212+. To get this package you have to add Syno Community's package repository with a special parameter:

(Note the ?beta=1 at the end)

After adding, installation should go pretty smooth. Oh, and did I mention you have to enable MySQL and Web Station before doing that? Otherwise it won't work. Really.

In case you're wondering what's your admin user default password (in case you didn't change it yet) for the MySQL server: it's empty, nothing, nada.

If Tiny Tiny RSS' update daemon is not running correctly, that is, your feeds don't get updated, see the next steps:

Stop the package in the Synology package manger.

Check what's going on by manually running

su -m nobody -c "php /var/services/web/tt-rss/update.php --daemon"

on the SSH command line.

If there's an error like "sh: /usr/syno/bin/php: not found" you have to link the existing PHP binary via

ln -s /usr/bin/php /usr/syno/bin/php

After that the regular "--daemon" should work and also update the feeds. Now you can start the package again in the package manager.

Hope this helps.