Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011

Modelio goes open source!

For all of you who know Modelio, a very nice UML modeling tool (for Windows and Linux platforms), it now went open source!

Take a look while it's hot:

Montag, 17. Oktober 2011

OpenMediaVault has been released!

Another great day for the open source world: OpenMediaVault finally has been released after 2 years of development!

This distribution is meant to be installed on your NAS (and probably replacing your existing FreeNAS installation). I'm really looking forward to give OpenMediaVault a try later this day.

You already can grab a 64- or 32-bit .ISO file in version 0.2 which essentially means that this of course is no mature software yet ...let's hope it does not turn out to be OpenMediaFault instead :-)

Grab the .ISO here:

Freitag, 7. Oktober 2011

Lack of Afro

Awesome new track from Lack of Afro: One for Bielski One For Bielski by Lack Of Afro

My $%&! MP3 player!

Ever wondered why the hell your shiny new MP3 player, TV media box or car radio doesn't play your songs in a certain directory in the order it's meant to be played? Think of some audiobook with track numbers in the file name (like "01 - Introduction.mp3", "02 - Foreword.mp3" and so on) ...?

Most of the media nowadays still is stored on some so called FAT(32) file systems. Too techy, I know. Because most of those MP3 players just play your songs / tracks as they find them on the media you get into trouble if the files were copied over to your player in the wrong order: These MP3 players simply won't respect the file name itself but just play the titles as found on the media!

To fix this you have to utilize a tool to get the ordering right on your player / media again: For this to do there's a neat utility called DriveSort for Windows.

Another nice collection of alternative tools was collected here: