Samstag, 30. April 2011

Noisia - Shellshock

Another nice DnB/Noise track:

Download this song for free from SoundCloud:

Web frameworks and presentations

While evaluating some web frameworks (like ExtJS, YUI, Sproutcore and others) the framework "Cappuccino" just does things a bit more weird (or just call it revolutionary if you want): It tries to hide all the funny HTML, CSS and JS bits from you by requiring to learn a new language called Objective-J. Not really what I want.

However, there's a really neat and useful application that already uses the Cappuccino framework: 280 Slides

With this you easily can create Powerpoint-like presentations just in your web browser and present plus export the slides into PPTX format. Did I mention that 280 Slides is free? Now I did.

Donnerstag, 28. April 2011

Browser as a ghost

For all you kids and/or 1337 people who really don't need a frontend for a browser (or just want to test web stuff in an automated way, which is pretty neat to do with this!) I noticted PhantomJS, a headless, WebKit-based browser component:

PolyMaps - soon at a place near you

Just stumbled over PolyMaps, an open source Javascript framework for rendering map data of OpenStreetMap, CloudMade and Bing in (not-yet overall) supported SVG format live in your browser, amazing stuff! Hop over to to learn more.


Zack Rusin just released a GUI for ApiTrace to debug API calls, shaders and what not from OpenGL and Direct3D:

Les McCann LTD - McCanna

Just got hold of an older record from Les McCanna from 1964, but absolutely worth hearing: Les McCann LTD - McCanna

Take a quick peek and get exicted:

Montag, 18. April 2011

Bersarin Quartett - Bersarin Quartett

Check out this gorgeous album:

Be sure you don't miss the other tracks ...

BAR 0.16c released ...

Torsten Rupp just released BAR 0.16c, an open source, slick and reliable backup solution for your Linux box. Either take a look at BAR's homepage here or don't wait any longer and get the full dev experience (plus source code) here. Loving it!

Hi and a warm welcome.

First post, wow. To start with something funny, take a look at Kim Jong-Il's hilarious trips: